Keyhole Island to Kilarney

Kilarney Mountain Lodge: They tried to put us in a slip just to the east of the fuel dock. Looked kind of shallow there to us. We warned them that we draw six feet (but people have a hard time believing this of a thirty foot boat; they assume we are exaggerating). Ran hard aground at the mouth of the slip and had to be towed off.

Eye of the Needle Bay to Pothole Portage Bay (also in Iroquois Bay)

Donut Bay nearby appears to offer conventional anchoring but its not as scenic. No anchoring in Pothole Portage Bay! Forty feet deep right up to the surrounding cliff walls. Even at 3:1 scope the swinging circle would be too large. Tied up to two trees on opposite sides of the bay.

Took a long dinghy trip (rowing; too many portages to bring the outboard) west all the way to the highway to Whitefish Falls. Bay of Islands is just across this highway.