This is a blog by Happy Smith & Owen McCall, targeted at friends and family, wherein we chronicle our summer cruises through the Great Lakes. You can leave comments for any post and we will see them.

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  1. Plans for you this summer? I greatly enjoy reading your updates.

    We will cruise the Channel Islands, Brittany and Normandy, the Iles de Chausee (France) before returning to race in the Dartmouth Regatta. Thereafter I take her to Belle Isle and San Nazaire to conduct a couple of battle-field tours and fill the bilges with wine! We had a great race this summer (South West 3 Peaks Yacht Race) and so narrowly missed out on first place on handicap – next year…!



  2. Gill, great to hear from you. You just sail the hell out of that little boat! It inspires me. Those place-names sound so exotic. Your message came at a propitious time. The instant I finish this cup of coffee we will be shoving off to begin our yearly cruise. We’ve been bad about updating the site these last two years. Now that I know someone actually looks at it we’ll try harder to keep it current! How did the work on your side decks go?

    Owen & Happy

  3. Hello Owen,

    I’ve quite enjoyed reading your blog as well, and look forward to your 2016 updates! I’ve got a similar boat, an S&S 30 built in 1973 here in Japan. Same hull, but flush decks with no doghouse. I’ve been slowly restoring her since I acquired her in January, and got inspiration from the work you’ve done to Exeat. The meaning of her name is similar too, S/V Watari. Watari comes from the Japanese root verb “wataru” which means to cross over, to go out, to voyage. If you’re insterested you can see a chronicle of the work I’ve done and a record of our voyages on my blog at http://sailingtokyo.com. All the best, Evan

  4. Owen,
    I’m a little disappointed in the work done on the chainplates last year. They seem really solid. The knees are now much more sturdy but despite having the decks rebuilt above them I have just seen cracking again around the water filler point and the shroud bases. We have sailed to win but the weather has not been that extreme and this season, because of my new work, we’ve not been out as much as I would have liked – I need to show off the new paint job! We’ve had the last 3 weekends of terrible weather cancelling our sailing – remind me July is supposed to the summer…right?!
    We had a great result in the South West 3 Peaks Yacht Race. It was pretty lumpy but conditions that favoured us over the plastic fantastics which were having to reef pretty early on but we carried full sail the entire time and weren’t over-pressed. On the beat from Falmouth the Penzanze we weren’t just first on handicap but only just off winning the leg on the water with much newer and bigger boats (which only overtook us when the beat became a fetch and they could use their waterline length). Where I expected to suffer was on the downwind legs but we won those too on handicap with Niki racking up a hitherto unseen 13.6 knots, at night, surfing down a wave with poled out genoa and full main. We were flying. There’s a short article at the following link:
    The plan for the summer is pretty flexible; we’d like to head to the Scilly Isles (off the West Coast of Cornwall) or head back to Saint Malo and the Brittany coast followed by the odd weekend and then lifting out in early October.
    What are your plans this summer?
    I genuinely love our little boat but we need to find something that we can sail comfortably across the Atlantic and onwards for a circumnavigation when the kids leave home. No double berth is pretty limiting for a long trip. That said I do fancy racing across the Atlantic again – I think that there is a classic race from Portugal to Martinique which we would qualify for but that would need to be no more than 3 crew and then shipping home unless I can steal a year from work and then do all the Caribbean race weeks – but I’d then need time to process my divorce paperwork!!! I’m thinking a Swan 37 / Swan 38 (with a preference for the 37 as they’re tiller steered and so similar to Niki and Exeat).
    Anyway have a great summer,
    Gill (gill_duncan@hotmail.co.uk)

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