This is a blog by Happy Smith & Owen McCall, targeted at friends and family, wherein we chronicle our summer cruises through the Great Lakes. You can leave comments for any post and we will see them.

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  1. Plans for you this summer? I greatly enjoy reading your updates.

    We will cruise the Channel Islands, Brittany and Normandy, the Iles de Chausee (France) before returning to race in the Dartmouth Regatta. Thereafter I take her to Belle Isle and San Nazaire to conduct a couple of battle-field tours and fill the bilges with wine! We had a great race this summer (South West 3 Peaks Yacht Race) and so narrowly missed out on first place on handicap – next year…!



  2. Gill, great to hear from you. You just sail the hell out of that little boat! It inspires me. Those place-names sound so exotic. Your message came at a propitious time. The instant I finish this cup of coffee we will be shoving off to begin our yearly cruise. We’ve been bad about updating the site these last two years. Now that I know someone actually looks at it we’ll try harder to keep it current! How did the work on your side decks go?

    Owen & Happy

  3. Hello Owen,

    I’ve quite enjoyed reading your blog as well, and look forward to your 2016 updates! I’ve got a similar boat, an S&S 30 built in 1973 here in Japan. Same hull, but flush decks with no doghouse. I’ve been slowly restoring her since I acquired her in January, and got inspiration from the work you’ve done to Exeat. The meaning of her name is similar too, S/V Watari. Watari comes from the Japanese root verb “wataru” which means to cross over, to go out, to voyage. If you’re insterested you can see a chronicle of the work I’ve done and a record of our voyages on my blog at http://sailingtokyo.com. All the best, Evan

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