Beardrop Harbor to Thessalon

Beardrop USED to be Happy’s favorite anchorage.  That is, until she discovered the Bad River this trip.

The bastard took our spot!  He’s anchored right in front of “The Cut”, a narrow defile in the island that separates the harbor from Whalesback Channel.  Last year we met a woman on a mega power yacht who each year demands of her husband that they have that spot and only that spot.  So now we know to be aggrieved when we don’t get it!

Thessalon is the only town at the western end of the North Channel.  A good place to do a little shopping and dining out to unload the last of the Canadian money.

One thought on “Beardrop Harbor to Thessalon

  1. Thessalon I know it well. When I was in my teens, we were bringing my father’s C&C 35 back from Mackinaw toward Detroit, were cruising in the North Channel, and had to wait it out in Thessalon for three days due to weather. Back then it was stuck in a time warp and everything felt 20 years older than it should have. We finally had to get out of there and the North Channel even though the weather was still a bit rough (strong southerly winds, BIG seas). I’ve never been more sick sailing then during that effort trying to power into the waves.

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