Little Current to Beardrop Harbor

Hey, buddy, didn’t you forget something?  We quite often see cruisers motoring along with all sails furled in even the most perfect sailing weather.  I guess this guy asked his wife, “Honey, we never use the sails anyway, so why don’t we just leave them, along with the mast, boom, and rigging, at home this year?”

There it is, ahead, the tightest squeeze in the North Channel:  Little Detroit passage.  Its “S” shaped and very narrow, though plenty deep.  One of these years I’ll screw up the courage to actually sail it but now we just motor through, white knuckles on the tiller.  In the picture, we have paused to allow the motorboat ahead of us to pass through.  He, as did we, announced his intentions on channel 9 before entering;  don’t want to meet another boat coming the other way!  You follow one set of ranges going in, another coming out.  Fifteen years ago, passing through here for our first time, a bear was in the water right in front of our boat!  Not what I needed right then but he sure knew where to take the shortest swim.


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