Eureka Bay to Nares Inlet

Every harbor has at least one pair of Loons.  They have a number of calls, all of which are beautiful.

“Pointe au Baril was named after the barrel on the point that originally (1870s) marked the treacherous entry to the main channel from the open water of Georgian Bay. As the story goes, early fur traders from Penetanguishene lost a canoe near the point. Their canoe included a barrel of whiskey that was found by stranded traders the next spring. After a drinking spree the barrel was left on the point as a beacon. French mariners were soon calling it Pointe au Baril. Later this marker was improved to include a lantern in the barrel that would be lit by the first fisherman returning inland to light the way for the rest of the boats.” – Wikipedia

But we were told by the locals that the barrel was a kind of primitive mailbox for the trappers and traders passing through the area.

We kept sharing anchorages with UNFURLED.

The wife aboard is an accomplished fisherwoman.  As we were exiting the anchorage she threw a baggie over to us.  Inside were two lake bass filets!  And boy, were they tasty.

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