Spider Bay to Ritchie Bay

This is the famous Henry’s, a fish restaurant on one of the “thirty-thousand islands”.  You can only get to it by boat or float-plane.  Still very very popular, a local institution, but we were underwhelmed.  Small portions, flies, and apparently these days the fish is not even local;  it comes from Lake Erie for god’s sake!

That little black boat on the other side of the dock is a local cruising couple that we met weeks before in Tobermory.  They gave us tons of advice on the best strategies for cruising Georgian Bay.

He purchased fish but not the gas.  We were not as knowledgeable and filled our tank, resulting in a WHOPPING bill, almost double what we are used to.  I asked a guy off a large trawler about it.  “Oh, NOBODY buys gas here!”, he said.  Well, now we know.

This whole area is navigated using the Small Craft Route, which is denoted on a series of long narrow strip charts.  The whole thing has been dredged and blasted to a minimum depth of six feet, supposedly, which would be enough.  But we have struck, more than once, in places the chart says are seven feet.  Its not a matter of deferred dredging, either;  its always, BANG! up onto a rock.

“I’m expected to take my boat through THERE?”, is the question we’re constantly asking ourselves.

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