Parry Sound to Spider Bay

See the bridge-tender waving?  Nice.  Usually you never see the operators.  He asked for our name and hailing port.

Have to be constantly reminding yourself which side of these markers the channel is on, as it changes depending where in Georgian Bay you are.

OK, we are aground here, exactly equidistant between two channel markers.  Oh, my aching keel!  This spot is called Shoal Narrows.  Good name.  Chart says 10 feet deep, but our 6 foot keel begs to differ.  We slither over the rocks into a quiet bay which we share only with loons.

There’s an abandoned gold mine just onshore.  A twenty foot square vertical shaft with sheer sides.  Can’t even see the bottom, which must be filled with water.  We stay well back from the edge.  This is Missassigi Provincial park– no trails here, just water access.

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