Snug Harbor to Parry Sound

Parry Sound, site of the Great Lakes Cruising Club 2012 Rendezvous. Ninety boats in attendance, of which ours was the smallest. Before the GLCC would settle on Parry Sound the city had to agree to upgrade one whole dock to 90 Amp power (so that the bigger yachts could keep their A/C going).

Notice “THE FORMER….”, as today its just a bunch of old guys sitting around drinking beer and polishing their vintage engines.

A great way to see the “Thirty Thousand Islands”.

We are here to be in boat rally of the 75 year old Great Lakes Cruising Club. Long distance cruisers have come from all five of the great lakes, by boat, to be a part of it. Anywhere you want to explore (AKA “gunkhole”) these guys will know about it. There are 90 boats here and we are a big deal for the tiny town of Parry Sound. We have been feted with speeches from the mayor, the provincial governor and their MP.  It is a constant round of cocktail
parties, gadget swapping, boat viewing and sea stories. The dock crew seems to be disposing of an enormous number of liquor bottles each morning.  Here, the officers of the club, in their dress whites, “review the fleet”.

There is so much motorboat traffic in this area that the shoreline is scoured clean by the constant wakes.  It seems there’s at least one cottage on each of the “thirty thousand islands” and everyone of them has a runabout.


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