Mackinaw City to Whitney Bay, Drummond Island

Whitney Bay

This will be our last stop before passing into Canada.  Whitney bay is a very peaceful spot, an anchorage within an anchorage.  Last time we were here we watched Loons go fishing.  They seem to come out at 5-6 and then again at twilight.  Their legs are well back on their bodies and they have dense bones which permit them to dive to 200 feet and remain down for 10 minutes.  Generally only one pair is found on each lake or bay.

There used to be a Canadian fort located here;  now only the foundations remain.  The Brits blew it up when we got Drummond Island.  Obtained not by force, but by keeping the British treaty official on the American survey vessel drunk most of the time.  The Americans timed the passage so that he would be deep in his cups when Drummond Island was reached.  He was compliant at just the right time.  So Drummond Island is the one, when you look at a map of Lake Huron you say, “Shouldn’t that one really be in Canada?”  Well…….yeah.

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