Helicoil installation, new shaft anode, bilge high water alarm, track car midship cleats

Inside the saloon are two SS struts that prevent the turning blocks at the base of the mast from pulling off the doghouse. The in-deck fittings for these are of mild steel and the wet balsa core had caused all of them to rust. The lower one on the port side was rusted enough that I was unable to extract the bolt – it sheared off. So I drilled out the stub and retapped for a SS helicoil of the same dimension.

When our transmission went out near the end of our last voyage I found that I was unable to push the drive-shaft rearward to gain clearance for repairs. The problem was the shaft zinc placed just forward of the strut. This necessitated some swimming (against marina rules, of course) to remove the zinc. Upon examination I found that this zinc, though years old, has not depleted at all. In fact, its covered with an apparently protective layer of oxidation! To solve both problems I replaced it with a magnesium anode aft of the strut. (Left/forward: old zinc anode removed. Right/aft: new magnesium anode installed)

Installed a high-water bilge alarm.

Its a clever unit from New Zealand which is independent of the house electrical system.

More Garhauer bling. Midship cleats that fasten to the genoa tracks.

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