Now we work on appearances.


Filled, faied, and sealed that big dent we got in the keel when we hit an uncharted rock in the Moon River area of Georgian Bay, Ontario last summer.


Cabin-top and foredeck are faired and sealed with epoxy.


Port side deck with first application of fairing compound, before sanding.


They moved me into the “showroom” with all the new boats for sale. We look quite shabby by comparison. But this older building has lights controlled by a wall switch! The previous building’s lights would go off if you sat still for a few minutes – very irritating.


Starboard side deck with second application of fairing compound, not yet sanded.


Port side deck, second application of fairing compound, sanded but not yet sealed with epoxy.


Starboard side deck sanded and ready for sealing.


Fairing complete. Ready for painting.
Total time on job so far: 584 hours.

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