Port Sidedeck

Totally water-saturated, black, rotten balsa here among the chainplates. No surprise, as the boat has a major structural fault in this area (missed, of course, by Keystone Kop Kronich the surveyor). Not only on this boat, but also on the two other S&S 30s I have identified in Europe, shroud tension has caused a sidedeck to lift away from the two knees on that side that tie it into the hull. This caused delamination and water intrusion in a big way.

3 thoughts on “Port Sidedeck

  1. Owen, my chainplates were redone in 2010 but I have the exact issue on Niki with water ingression to the core – off the scale with a water meter. My Easter is going to be spent redoing the core and reglassing it all in. Again, as with yours, the knees aren’t supporting the deck so only the wet / rotten deck is holding the mast up. I’m going to follow your lead and aim to get the same level of finish. Alarmed that it took you 900 hours… I don’t have that long. Any lessons learned would be mist welcome. Thanks, Gill gill_duncan@hotmail.co.uk

    • But in my case the whole cabin top, the full lengths of both side decks and almost the whole foredeck were wet. Also, those 900 hours included steam bending teak, glassing in a new traveler support in the cockpit, keel repairs, conversion to a cutter rig…..the list goes on. So I’m sure you’re not looking at anything like 900 hours. I’d love to see some pictures.

      • Thanks for getting back to me. I’m quite daunted about the project. I’ve got a GRP ninja who is going to guide me so I’m hopeful if I start having problems he can get me back on track. I’ll email photos. Gill

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