Shoring up the foredeck while work proceeds. Also, taping up screw holes to prevent “epoxy rain”.

That reddish-brown area is where I had injected some "snake oil" into the deck to firm up a soft spot.

When cutting into the foredeck top skin the saw threw water up into my face; that’s how wet portions of the balsa coring was in this area – totally saturated. All rotten, wet or damp balsa core is now out. The reddish-brown staining is where I had injected a “snake oil”-type product to firm up the mushy deck. Unfortunately, the only real cure is what I’m involved in right now.

Wait a minute.  WHICH boat is mine?  I keep forgetting.

Now wait, WHICH one is my boat again? I keep forgetting.


New balsa laid in place. Edges scarfed for top layer of glass. Three G10 fiberglass/epoxy internal backing plates in position, two for bow pulpit and one large central combination plate for bow cleat and inner forestay attachment point.

Bags of sand hold the balsa coring in place while the epoxy hardens.

Top skin on, sanded, and ready for fairing and painting (which will come later).
So that’s the cabin top and foredeck recored; two sidedecks to go. Time on project so far, 250 hours.

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