Itinerary and map of 2015 cruise

Mackinaw City
Whitney Bay, Drummond Island, MI
Ricketts Harbor, Cockburn Island, Ontario, Canada
Meldrum Bay, Manitoulin Island
Long Point Cove
West Hotham Bay
Dead End Bay
Little Current, Manitoulin Island
East-West Channel, McGregor Bay
Covered Portage Cove
Beaverstone Bay
Mill Lake
Keyhole Island
North Channel of McGregor Bay
Eye of the Needle Bay in Iroquois Bay
Pothole Portage Bay in Iroquois Bay
Little Current
Bay just east of Whitefish Falls
Haystack Harbor
Sturgeon Bay
Little Current
East Hotham Bay
Jackson Island Harbor
Blind River
West Grant Island, Ontario, Canada
DeTour Village, MI
Duncan Bay
Mackinaw City

555 miles


Whitney Bay, Drummond Island to Ricketts Harbor, Cockburn Island, ON

Nice sailing day, steady at 15.  After lunch wind switched from 15 to 25 steady, in about 5 minutes.  Twenty-three, gusting to 30. Ripping alone on jib alone (after Happy wisely suggesting dropping the main). Nicely balanced helm, beam-reaching at 7 knots, touching 8.  Had to turn north directly into the strong winds to make final approach to this new harbor for us.  Luckily it was deep enough!  Long, tiring day.